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Welcome to Stimulating Business

Stimulating Business is all about attracting customers to your small business.    It’s all about assisting you with your business creation and development ideas.    It’s all about using the Internet as a cost effective marketing medium.

It’s time to stop using old style marketing methods that result with little to no return.
Now you can obtain new and effective marketing knowledge to give your small business a boost.    How would you like to attract more customers to your business?

The uncertainty of these economic times is affecting all business in general.
Business is dwindling due to lack of customers, prospects and/or leads.

Why?    Because people are cautious about what they can afford to buy!    They are cutting back on their expenditure and are seeking more value for their dollar spent.

People have to be enticed to your business in order to spend.    You must give your prospective customers a reason to buy from you, and you alone.    How would you like to develop a simple marketing strategy to attract people to your business?    You can.

Big business is seeking more and more of the market share.    They are applying predatory marketing methods to dominate their market.    They buy bulk, sell cheap.    They are even prepared to sell certain products at a loss to both squeeze out the competition and draw customers to their business.

Big business maybe suffering from these uncertain economic times, but they have the buying power to survive.    They use customer loyalty programs to entice customers.    Discounts are offered daily and special sales appear on a weekly basis.    Big business is trying desperately to draw customers into their stores.

But!    You can learn a lot from big business.    No!... You don’t have to become a mean predator like them.    But you can pounce on your competition and gain the competitive edge.    You also have the advantage when it comes to providing good quality products and customer service.    Small business can concentrate on their customers more effectively... more personal and friendly.

Your small business might be feeling the pinch at the moment.    Your margins could be tight and have less money to spend on promoting your business.    But you can still improve your situation.    How would you like to improve your business with very affordable, economical marketing ideas that are very cost effective?    You can.

As a small business owner... do you think that you could match big business at their own game?    Well... actually with a bit of thoughtful planning, you can do quite well for yourself.    You can apply a lot of their marketing techniques to your advantage.

Now is the time to review your business plan.    And check out your business viability.    You are in business to profit, not to go broke.    Your small business needs a boost to overcome these turbulent, economic times.    And Stimulating Business can help you from woe to go... and beyond!

So!    what are you prepared to do?    What are you willing to do... to stimulate your own small business?

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  • Cost effective marketing techniques
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  • Capitalizing on marketing methods and techniques.
  • Niche marketing principals and
  • Beneficial hosting and website
  • How to obtain, create and maintain a
    business website.
  • Ways to attract and capture customers
    for your business.
  • Tools and processes to promote to
    your prospects.
  • Attraction marketing techniques and
  • Money making business programs and
  • Monetising your business.
  • And much, much more to stimulate
    your business.
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Stimulating Business can help you with the right information, ideas and product advice about establishing an Internet presence that is suitable for both small business owners and Internet marketers alike.    We can help you gain the competitive edge and give your business a real boost.

Small Business Owners will discover ways to plan their business, reduce their operating costs, utilise effective marketing strategies, (which save both time and money), plus dominate their local Market on the Internet and more.

Internet Marketers will reap the rewards of utilizing effective marketing strategies to gain SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation) and/or PPC (Pay Per Click) domination, plus optimising Blog's and Social Networking to make more money.

Stimulating Business will help you become a business leader and make your competitors green with envy.    We have the marketing tools and programs to make your business more visual and noticeable over the Internet.    We can show you how to attract and capture customers for ongoing business promotions using both on-line and off-line marketing techniques.    Stimulate your business and give it a real boost through Stimulating Business and reap the rewards of having a real successful business.    Just look around and see how we can help you.

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What Small Business Owners Need To Do!

Now is the time to assess and plan your business future.    You can learn from your past experiences, including your mistakes.    You now have the chance to look at everything with a fresh new perspective.    You should re-evaluate the value and benefits of what you offer and also do some analysis of your customers.

You should also consider your market position.    Are you servicing an elite, high end market or a broad market?    Since business is about supply and demand.    Are you in a favourable position to service your chosen market?

How affluent are your potential customers?    Are you able to bundle your products and services to present more quality for what you do.    If you present something that is perceived to be of high quality, you maybe could even raise the price to match.

You see... when the market goes soft or a little difficult many businesses that jumped on the good time bandwagon will fall by the wayside.    This means less competition.    And since business is all about supply and demand, less supply means less available goods and services.    Well... guess what?    The value of what you present automatically increases.    You should capitalize on that.

Then again, depending upon market conditions, you may have to unbundle your products and services.    Reassess your products and services; improve on those, which work and eliminate those, which are failing.    You may have to trim anything that under performs, which may include products, services or even staff.

You may even have to consider focusing on a Niche Market within your field of business.    Repackage whatever you are offering and/or sell proprietary or specialist products.    You may have to do this to differentiate yourself from others within your field of business.

But!... Do you know how to evaluate your business, products and/or services?    Yes!    No!    Maybe!
If not, if in doubt, you should consider these two items... Business Plan Pro and the Stimulating Business "Business Boosting Newsletter".    They can help you with properly planning your business.

As part of properly planning your business, you can set monthly business goals and create a calendar for your business marketing activities.    Are you prepared to have sales and/or offer discounts on what you offer?

How about accepting major credit cards, offering premiums or prepayment agreements to help you in your sales.    You could even offer a frequent buyer reward program to boost your business.    Stimulating Business can help you with an economical customer incentive program.

So what is your present marketing strategy?    Are you shelling out bucks unnecessarily?    You need to invest some time and effort in determining the right marketing strategy for your business, incorporating both on-line and mainstream techniques.    You need to play to win.    You need to apply attractive marketing techniques and captivate your customers.

Try to learn something new, like a technique to improve your products and/or services, or a marketing strategy that will boost your business financially.    Stimulating Business has a vast array of marketing tools and programs that are beneficial to your marketing success.

You need to create brand awareness and build brand loyalty.    And with respect to most small businesses, your business is your brand.    And it takes very little effort to do this... to create your own brand awareness.

You can create brand awareness, stimulate new business and even increase business from existing customers and build repeat business.    How?    By mailing to past and present customers or clients regularly.    However, do it the wrong way and you will waste your money.    You will need to learn how to use some very effective marketing tools and strategies.

You also need to look at alternative ways of generating business enquiries.    You need to create a business web site to capture prospective customers.    Then use your web site to brand your business.    Stimulating Business can help you do all this.

Whenever you promote your business, offer something of a perceived value.    Then create a genuine sense of urgency in your promotions and encourage customers to take prompt action.

You may also need to pump up your networking and visit your clients and/or suppliers.    Why not have your business name and/or logo embossed on the clothes you wear.    Hand out your business card or a pamphlet about your business at every given opportunity.    These are great ways to create brand awareness.

Your business has potential, you have to keep the momentum going to make it an financial success.    Treat your customers as if they are gold.    Give them a high quality of service and good value for their money.    Engage them regularly, make your business a benefit for them and reap financial success through their repeat business.

You must make your business more visible to the public by utilizing the appropriate on-line and mainstream marketing techniques.    You will gain more customers by visual recognition of your brand when they seek your type of business.    You will also gain more customers by promoting your business to a targeted market and making it easy for them to access your business, products and/or services.

Having more visibility and more customers means that you can make more money and have a successful business.
With Stimulating Business it really is that easy...
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